Friday, June 17, 2011

Weekend Fun

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Weekend Fun!!

I'm finally back...I sometimes wish there was two of me so I could get more done. I had to work a lot this last week and I had lots of things going on with my kids. My son decided to stay in Orchestra..with a little guilt from his mom...he had a concert this week and also has contest today.

Any who, I did get to have a nice outing with my daughter and my mom over the weekend. We went back to my home town . It is a very small, old town . It has lots of cute shops and charming old buildings. It is known for its antique shops. I have not been there in several years and was pleasantly surprised at some of the changes that had taken place. The town has redone the park and a new owner had refurbished the hotel which had set empty for at least twenty years. We just played tourist and walked around. We didn't do any major shopping, but I plan to go back next week. My kids have spring break and I want to spend some more time there.

This building is for rent. My daughter and I would love to have a little shop here...maybe someday!!

This is the cute downtown area. The town only has about 1500 people.

I always loved this building this, the balcony is so cute.

It was a nice day, I plan on going back in next week. My kids are out of school for spring break and we plan on spending at least one day there.
I will be posting more stuff today...I don't have to work and it is raining here. Perfect time to get some blogging done.

Check back in a little while!!


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