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Planning for the year

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Planning for the year....Holidays, celebrations and traditions.

Planning for the may ask, what is this all about? Well, its the way I like to live my life. I love to sit down and plan out things in much as a year in advance. This gives me a chance to create traditions with my family and maybe do things I wouldn't have time for if I didn't plan it out. I know what your can you know what you are going to be doing six months to a year from now. Well, this is not set in stone type of thing. It is kind of like a wish list of activities, recipes and decorating ideas that you want to do.
This is how to get started.
I like to use large index cards and write the month at the top. Then as I think of things I would like to do, I jot them down.
I also get ideas for websites like this This website has all kinds of ideas and history information. I also plan in some recipes that are our family traditions or new things I would like to try. Then as that month gets closer I lok at my calendar and fill in activities that we are not doing real life stuff (you know doctors apt and stuff like that). I have found that it is much easier to have thought of a fun idea, researched it and prepared for it rather than try to do it all in one day.

For example:
I set down and look at, this is the month of March what activities do I have planned for my family? Most of us think of St. Pats Day, but did you know there are many other things that are celebrated this month as well. This is Woman's history month. What a great time to talk about a woman who has influenced your life, it could be someone you know or a figure from history.
Also, it is Dr Seuss, Alexander Bell, and Albert Einsteins birthdays. I like to hit the library and find a book or two about these people. This gives my kids a chance to learn about someone new. How fun would it be to let your kids have a birthday party for Dr. Seuss. You could make all kinds of silly decoration and have green eggs and ham for dinner. That would be something they will always remember.
Any who, I try to make a plan for at least a month in advance so that we can plan all the fun activities around all the real life stuff.

Other things that I plan:
Birthdays... I have a stack of stuff I have been collecting for my babies 2nd birthday. I am doing a western theme, so I have been collecting everything cow boyish for several months now.
Holidays...always buy and anything I can on sale to prepare for the next year. I love to try some new traditions and recipe for each hliday along with the old.

Once you start doing this you will find out how much easier it is to get some fun activities in, have all your parties ready to go and how much more prepared you will feel.

Here is another fun website that has been around for a long time, but it has really great planning

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