Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My amazing son...

Today was the first day of my sons college. I am soo proud of him!!

He decided to go to a community college for his first two years, not that he couldn't of go to a bigger university. He had decided to take an advantage of Missouri's A+ program that offers kids scholarships if they attend a community college. He will walk out of two years with no expenses. They also offer a transfer program that ensure the students don't take classes that doesn't apply to their major. It was very important to Kyle to not be in debt when he walks out of school. I am very proud of him for that!!

While we out picking up last minute school supplies and having his computer repaired, we found a new guitar store. He fell in love with the place because it has new and vintage guitars.
This is a Takamine
It was one of his favorites.

Kyle has played guitar since he was 8 or 9. He then played cello through out middle school, junior high and high school. He can play both instruments beautifully.

Giving your child music lessons is such a gift. Music is such a part of his life I can't image him without it.

                                                                 So Proud!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Busy week...

Last week was a super busy week for our family and it continued into the week end. My husband had an event at work which means he works a lot and not home much. He manage to continue some work on the front of the house. I have given him a deadline of the second week of October. He is a one man show so it is taking him longer that what he thought it would. He got the concrete piers dug and poured for the porch columns.

Don't you love his outfit? He usually wears suits to work so on the weekend he likes to have a change of pace. It cracks me up!!

 Saturday night we got to spend  time with some great friends and family at the Royals game. They even won that night.

These are my husbands cousins Rick and Ash. They are so much fun to hang out with!! We had some good laughs.

On Sunday we went to a good old fashioned church picnic. The weather was really nice that night.

My little angels!! This is when they were still clean and before they got in the water.

Potluck for dinner, my favorite!! I love getting to taste everyones food and get new recipes.

Lots of games. If you notice Aiden is holding a carton of eggs...yep, they are tossing eggs. They had to have a good bath when we got home.

And last but not least, Luke started Kindergarten. This is his first day waiting for the bus. He was sooo excited to ride. I wanted to take him, but he insisted he wanted to ride the bus.

Well, I think I am caught up. This week won't be any slower. Kyle, my oldest son starts college this week and Brandon has another event on Friday. Thats life!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Just life...

It's funny how life  gets in the way of really getting anything done. We have been busy just doing day to day stuff . We did get a few things marked off our summer fun list.

We had a successful week at vacation bible school. I taught the craft section. The boys loved going every day and were sad when the week was over.
Miranda and I went to a award banquet for her job. She won the customer sevrice of the year. She was picked to be the best out of  all the employee in six stores. I was so proud, it made me tear up.

Miranda has been teaching Luke and Aiden swim lessons three times a week. This is the advantages of having older siblings that are certified swim instructors.

They love to swim and have learned very quickly.

We also took a trip to Crown Center with their cousins. We ate at Fritz's restaurant. It has trains that deliver the food. The boys thought this was amazing!!

We have also been getting ready to go back to school. Cleaning out closets and buying school supplies.
 I am stocking up on $ makers and .40 cent crayons at Wal-mart. I am going to save them to include in my Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes.

 I got this idea from Meg over at Whatever. She always has such great ideas!!