Friday, July 22, 2011

PLAYROOM letters and afternoon snack.

Playroom letters
Today the boys and I worked on painting letters that spell PLAY for their playroom. These things are huge...I think they measure two foot. I am going to put them on top of a large bookcase. I bought them at Joann's with a bunch of 40% of coupons. They came out to be about 6 bucks each, not to bad for a large piece of art.They also had Amsterdam acrylic paint on sale for .97 cents each. I bought several tubes of that brand and had to buy one tube of the basic brand, I needed one more color. I had intended to use scrapbook paper and mod podge, but the more I thought about it I wanted them to just be really bright since that room has very little natural light. I love how the colors turned out. We also painted some canvases and bird houses. I haven't figured out yet what I am going to do with those.

The acrylic paint turned out nice. I have only used craft paint before and it isn't as thick.

Luke and Aiden painting their canvases. They would paint something everyday if I let them.

     Of course we need a snack after all that painting, they love pink milk!!
Grandma Winzer's banana nut bread...YUM!! Find the recipe in my recipe section.

Banana nut bread and pink milk

This just made me laugh! He was looking at the nuts and said "Mommy, this bread has bugs in it!" So funny!

Have a Happy Day!  

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