Friday, June 17, 2011

My favorite kitchen tool

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Product suggestion....

My product suggestion for today is something that I can't live electric griddle. I use it almost everyday. When you have a family of six you cook a lot of food in large quantities. I use it to fry bacon, pancakes, hamburgers, chicken, pork chops, eggs...I could go on. I use it for anything that I would use a regular skillet for, but it can hold so much more. It is so much quicker and cooks more evenly than a regular skillet. The only draw back to it, is that if you want to store it, it does take up a little more room. I don't put mine away because I use it so much. There is a fold up version that is easier to store than the full size. Here are a few of them in different styles and price ranges. You can also google electric griddles to find price comparisons and reviews.

The first one is a Presto Professional electric griddle...39.99 at Target
The second one is a Rival Fold and Store electric griddle....49.99 at Target
The third on is a Wolfgang Puck Reversible electric griddle...54.64 at Sams club

I would like to have the Wolfgang Puck, but right now have the works very well. I just like the reversible option. Let me know if any of you have one and what kind it is.

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