Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hanging out on the farm and a little more packing...

I think we are on day 15 now of sorting, packing and moving my parents. So many memories and so much stuff. As my sister and I were taping up about the 100th box, we were discussing how we felt guilty about our kids missing summer activities that we had planned for them. Her oldest son over heard this and was quick to say how much fun he had been having coming to the farm. My sisters reply was "really?" He explained that they have been having a blast hanging out with their cousins everyday. We started talking about all the fun we had as a kid on the farm with all of our cousins. We just wish it was under different circumstances that we were spending so much time down there.

What little boy doesn't love to throw rocks

Cousins having fun

Water is rising fast

Aiden was sooo tired his cousin had to carry him home

Luke walking Charlie

Water over all of the farm land . These are fields that usually have soy beans planted in them.

Here are a few pictures that I took of my daughter while we were down there. She will graduate from cosmetology school in August and has started a beauty blog and facebook page for her business. She wanted a few new pictures to put on her blog. These are some that I liked, I'm sure she will have a different opinion.


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