Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My favorite candle store...

I want to share with my blog friends my favorite candle store. It is located in Weston Mo., a little town know for it's apple orchard, pumpkin patch, wineries and that's a combination
 5B & Co. candlemakers is a fun shop in the middle of downtown Weston.

5B & Co. is owned and operated by my friend Marsha Martin. She and a handfull of employee's hand pore all the candles ranging in sizes from votive to pillars.
This is Marsha, she will greet you with a smile and a quick lesson on candles when you walk in the door.

Marsha is very creative when it comes to both combining scents and coming up with unforgettable names. Some of my favorites are Cabana Boy, Clean Undies, Handyman, Monkey Burps, and The Bottom of Moms Purse. Now those are names you won't forget!!

I love all of her cute displays!!

 I love to just look around.

             Cinnamon/vanilla, orange/cloves and blackberry/musk are a few of the combination of scents that fill the air down town while the candles are being made.

A little info on how Marsha makes her candles...

This is quote from Marsha's website:
" Our candles are made with the finest wax available, blended with top quality oils, and poured around a cardboard cored wick. We have the best scent throw going and some of the most unique scents around. Our candles burn clean and last between 15-18 hours each. Two or three will fill your home with fragrance. Each of our candles are hand poured with love and never smell industrial or look mass produced (because they aren't)."

Chalk board with an inspirational quote
I love this one!!

The story of Floyd...

Let me tell you about Floyd's candles and how Marsha gives back.....

This again is from Marsha's website:

Floyd's Story
Floyd is a seven month old mostly black lab puppy that came into our lives via the Atchison Kansas Humane Society. It was love at first sight! We had Floyd for a couple of days when we noticed he was looking sick. After IV's, antibiotics, and lots and lots of prayer, Floyd pulled through. We jokingly call him our $800 “free” puppy.

He makes candles with us everyday! Our customers love to step over him while he is napping or hug and play with him while he's awake.
Why Floyd's Candles?
When you make candles there is always a little bit of wax left over. We began to save this wax and mix it all together to make unique 3" x 4" pillars. We aren’t sure what’s in them, and can never duplicate them again. Just like Floyd the puppy!  
Do They Smell Good?
In the process of mixing all these colors and scents we have found Floyd's to be among our top sellers. You would be surprised how strawberry vanilla with a hint of peppermint and cucumber really compliment each other! Every candle is different, we haven’t blended one we didn’t like yet!  
How You Can Help
We had the honor of partnering with No More Homeless Pets KC and wanted to lend a helping hand. With every Floyd pillar sold online, we are donating $5.00 per candle to No More Homeless Pets KC. After being blessed with Floyd, it’s the least we can do!

I love that Marsha is as passionate about giving back as she is about making candles. I know you would truly enjoy your visit to Weston and meeting Marsha in person, but if that is not an option click over and check out her website.


Have a happy day!!

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  1. wow! I didn't know she did that. I sure do miss that little store though, I haven't been through the shops downtown in so long. I miss it!