Friday, July 22, 2011

PLAYROOM letters and afternoon snack.

Playroom letters
Today the boys and I worked on painting letters that spell PLAY for their playroom. These things are huge...I think they measure two foot. I am going to put them on top of a large bookcase. I bought them at Joann's with a bunch of 40% of coupons. They came out to be about 6 bucks each, not to bad for a large piece of art.They also had Amsterdam acrylic paint on sale for .97 cents each. I bought several tubes of that brand and had to buy one tube of the basic brand, I needed one more color. I had intended to use scrapbook paper and mod podge, but the more I thought about it I wanted them to just be really bright since that room has very little natural light. I love how the colors turned out. We also painted some canvases and bird houses. I haven't figured out yet what I am going to do with those.

The acrylic paint turned out nice. I have only used craft paint before and it isn't as thick.

Luke and Aiden painting their canvases. They would paint something everyday if I let them.

     Of course we need a snack after all that painting, they love pink milk!!
Grandma Winzer's banana nut bread...YUM!! Find the recipe in my recipe section.

Banana nut bread and pink milk

This just made me laugh! He was looking at the nuts and said "Mommy, this bread has bugs in it!" So funny!

Have a Happy Day!  

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My favorite candle store...

I want to share with my blog friends my favorite candle store. It is located in Weston Mo., a little town know for it's apple orchard, pumpkin patch, wineries and that's a combination
 5B & Co. candlemakers is a fun shop in the middle of downtown Weston.

5B & Co. is owned and operated by my friend Marsha Martin. She and a handfull of employee's hand pore all the candles ranging in sizes from votive to pillars.
This is Marsha, she will greet you with a smile and a quick lesson on candles when you walk in the door.

Marsha is very creative when it comes to both combining scents and coming up with unforgettable names. Some of my favorites are Cabana Boy, Clean Undies, Handyman, Monkey Burps, and The Bottom of Moms Purse. Now those are names you won't forget!!

I love all of her cute displays!!

 I love to just look around.

             Cinnamon/vanilla, orange/cloves and blackberry/musk are a few of the combination of scents that fill the air down town while the candles are being made.

A little info on how Marsha makes her candles...

This is quote from Marsha's website:
" Our candles are made with the finest wax available, blended with top quality oils, and poured around a cardboard cored wick. We have the best scent throw going and some of the most unique scents around. Our candles burn clean and last between 15-18 hours each. Two or three will fill your home with fragrance. Each of our candles are hand poured with love and never smell industrial or look mass produced (because they aren't)."

Chalk board with an inspirational quote
I love this one!!

The story of Floyd...

Let me tell you about Floyd's candles and how Marsha gives back.....

This again is from Marsha's website:

Floyd's Story
Floyd is a seven month old mostly black lab puppy that came into our lives via the Atchison Kansas Humane Society. It was love at first sight! We had Floyd for a couple of days when we noticed he was looking sick. After IV's, antibiotics, and lots and lots of prayer, Floyd pulled through. We jokingly call him our $800 “free” puppy.

He makes candles with us everyday! Our customers love to step over him while he is napping or hug and play with him while he's awake.
Why Floyd's Candles?
When you make candles there is always a little bit of wax left over. We began to save this wax and mix it all together to make unique 3" x 4" pillars. We aren’t sure what’s in them, and can never duplicate them again. Just like Floyd the puppy!  
Do They Smell Good?
In the process of mixing all these colors and scents we have found Floyd's to be among our top sellers. You would be surprised how strawberry vanilla with a hint of peppermint and cucumber really compliment each other! Every candle is different, we haven’t blended one we didn’t like yet!  
How You Can Help
We had the honor of partnering with No More Homeless Pets KC and wanted to lend a helping hand. With every Floyd pillar sold online, we are donating $5.00 per candle to No More Homeless Pets KC. After being blessed with Floyd, it’s the least we can do!

I love that Marsha is as passionate about giving back as she is about making candles. I know you would truly enjoy your visit to Weston and meeting Marsha in person, but if that is not an option click over and check out her website.


Have a happy day!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Playing catch up....

Sometimes it just gets so hard to carve out time to post, so I'm doing a little catch up.

 I got to spend the day, last week with my husbands family at an antique show/craft fair. There was some really great stuff. I with I would of had a large truck to take stuff home in. The prices were amazing.

This piece was already sold when I got there. I would be beautiful for any room.

These are the girls in my family. My mother in-law, couisin, cousin, and sister-in-law
                                          More beautiful stuff!!

                                          I also took a trip to Mirandas school to get my hair cut.

These are the heads they practice on, the little boys think the are so creepy!

                                          Miranda doing color on her head.

                                                          I also spent some craft time with my littles....

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Things!!

                         Here are a few things that just make me smile!!

                                              Black Eyed Susans
The cute vase that is from my moms house...I'm using the juice glasses as candle holders.

SONIC...what more do I need to say...CHERRY LIMEAIDS...YUM!!

Sea Monkeys...We are are waiting for them to hatch...

                                   Have a happy day!!

Boom Boom Boom...what a weekend!!

What a weekend! It's amazing how we can squeeze so much stuff into one weekend.

We started off the by hitting the my machine is not broken. I just decided that I didn't want to spend the next week playing catching up. We have spent so much time moving my parents, that my own house is in shambles. I'm just keeping it real here... we had 15 loads of laundry, yes 15!! I know that seems like a lot, but with a household of six people and a usual routine of three loads a day, it is not hard to get no judgement please!! That also included everyone sheets comforter's and blankets too...just through that in to make myself feel better.

I love those wheeled carts! I would love to have one for each person in my family. That would also mean that I would have to have a much larger laundry room

My husband thought that I was crazy. We haven't been to the laundromat for years, but he went along anyway. We left the littles at home with Kyle.
 We went out to dinner afterwards to a restaurant that he had been wanting to  check out.

 I find the laundromat  relaxing, something about the smell of dyer sheets and the sound of all the machines, just almost puts me to sleep.

 Yes this is all mine

We brought some stuff to entertain us while we were there, but didn't get much down time. It only took us two hours from start to finish to wash, dry, hang and fold 15 loads. It Sooo made it worth loading it all up to not have to spend a week catching up.


 On Sunday we went church and Sunday school for the first time in three weeks. It was good to be back.

Lunch at Chilli's...I felt petty good that we fed four of us for 20 bucks. It is so easy to get sucked into ordering sodas and kids meals and before long you have spent 60 dollars. I am not one to go out to eat one a regular basis. I can feed everyone much cheaper and healthier than what we can get at a restaurant. However, I do feel that it is nice to go out for special occasion's  to help teach your children to learn self control and basic manners.

Then it was off to the movies to see Transformers. I will let you know that I DON"t recommend this movie for small children. I should have read more on it before I took them. It does have some bad language and it was pretty violent. Luke thought it was great . Aiden lost interest in it about half way. My husband an Kyle love these movies , but it wouldn't have been my first choice for the little boys. I thought it was fine, but would have seen something else for myself.

***********************************4th of July*********************************

We decided to spend the 4th with my husnads family. Here are all the dads supervising the kids lighting fireworks.

                                                My daughter looking pretty as always.

Watching the fireworks

                                                 Luke checking out the fireworks selection

I made the pulled pork recipe that I talked about in my last post. It was soo good and easy. I will be using that recipe again.
My sister -in- law holing up one of the tomato, basil, mozzarella sticks that I had made. Everyone loved them!! YUM!!

                                                      Red, white and blue cup cakes

I am so tired today, but it was a good weekend with everyone. Now I'm off to run errands and hopefully get some crafting in .