Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My amazing son...

Today was the first day of my sons college. I am soo proud of him!!

He decided to go to a community college for his first two years, not that he couldn't of go to a bigger university. He had decided to take an advantage of Missouri's A+ program that offers kids scholarships if they attend a community college. He will walk out of two years with no expenses. They also offer a transfer program that ensure the students don't take classes that doesn't apply to their major. It was very important to Kyle to not be in debt when he walks out of school. I am very proud of him for that!!

While we out picking up last minute school supplies and having his computer repaired, we found a new guitar store. He fell in love with the place because it has new and vintage guitars.
This is a Takamine
It was one of his favorites.

Kyle has played guitar since he was 8 or 9. He then played cello through out middle school, junior high and high school. He can play both instruments beautifully.

Giving your child music lessons is such a gift. Music is such a part of his life I can't image him without it.

                                                                 So Proud!!

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