Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Playing catch up....

Sometimes it just gets so hard to carve out time to post, so I'm doing a little catch up.

 I got to spend the day, last week with my husbands family at an antique show/craft fair. There was some really great stuff. I with I would of had a large truck to take stuff home in. The prices were amazing.

This piece was already sold when I got there. I would be beautiful for any room.

These are the girls in my family. My mother in-law, couisin, cousin, and sister-in-law
                                          More beautiful stuff!!

                                          I also took a trip to Mirandas school to get my hair cut.

These are the heads they practice on, the little boys think the are so creepy!

                                          Miranda doing color on her head.

                                                          I also spent some craft time with my littles....

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