Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Family farm, jumping fish, and Worlds of fun...

I can't believe that it is almost the 4th of July. This last month has been a blur. We have spent some part of everyday at my family farm for the last 28 days. A lifetime of stuff to sort, pack and move. A house, two barns, multiple out buildings and sheds all had to be loaded into two trailers. Seven tractors, two combines, multiple plows, a forklift, two grain trucks, 6 pick-ups, two boats and a lawnmower all had to be taken to a neighbors farm. As of yesterday we were done...well as done as we could be. Around two o-clock the levee broke and water started pouring in, by four water was over the roads. Now we wait. Wait to see how high the water gets and if they will be able to return.

Packing up the barn
My dad and uncle watching the water rise

The flooding has brought in all of these Asian Carp. They were originally brought over from China in the early 70's and now have over populated the river. When they get scared they jump. Boat moters and other loud sound get them flying out of the water. When I took this, my son had been beating on a metal pole...crazy!
These are Asian Carp. They Jump when the hear loud noises

On Sunday we went to Worlds of Fun and it! Well, it was for my family. I can handle about 4 hours and then I'm done. My husband and kids, on the other hand LOVE going there. They also like to go when the park opens and stay till it closes. This was my husbands employee appreciation party...hence the matching t-shirts. We had a good time for the most part, it was just sooo hot. My kids had a great time and that was the important thing. 

Funnel cake...YUM!

Aiden, Brandon, Luke and Miranda

The hat store...

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